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News > 02/2019

SMART Products - SMART Services

SMART Products - SMART Services

Bolzoni Mobile App MEYER and BOLZONI AURAMO introduce their new Remote Service Concept at LogiMAT 2019

The largest decentral attachment service engineer network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is now being equipped with Smart Glasses, which enable a direct link between the service engineers in the field and the technical specialists at their desktop in the Customer Service and Engineering Departments at head office.

Sophisticated field service interventions, such as the installation and maintenance of sensor-controlled clamp force systems and their calibration, can now be additionally supervised from remote. The Smart Glasses establish a bi-directional video and voice connection, which enables the MEYER and BOLZONI AURAMO field engineer to analyse and work out solutions with the operators and logistics managers at site even faster, being supported by the specialists at head office if needed.

Remote Product Presentation – MEYER introduces new High Performance Fork Positioners and further new product releases via Smart Glasses.

To present the efficiency of this new Remote Service Concept to visitors, the latest product releases are showcased via Smart Glasses: The MEYER and BOLZONI AURAMO team at LogiMAT not only present new products at their stand on the show in Stuttgart, but also further products on display at their factory in Salzgitter through the direct remote link of the new Remote Service System.