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Increase material handling sustainability with the MEYER 4/2 Multi-pallet handler

Increase material handling sustainability with the MEYER 4/2 Multi-pallet handler

In the Food & Beverage industry one of the most significant trends is undoubtedly sustainability. The multi pallet handlers can effectively and simultaneously handle up to 8 pallets at a time. This alone reduces the overall number of required journeys to transport loads, to automatically decreases CO2 emissions.

The new MEYER 4/2 pallet handler: model 6-54 full-service G Series
This innovative solution not only ensures optimal life cycle cost management but also significantly reduces downtime and maintenance expenses. By seamlessly integrating the fully encapsulated MEYER Shaft Guide Concept with the newly optimized Full-Service sideshift, this pallet handler sets a new industry standard. Its innovative features, including the overhead cylinder for enhanced safety, lateral force absorption capabilities, and wear-resistant slides, contribute to its exceptional performance and extended lifespan.

Reduction of downtime and maintenance costs
The reduction of downtime in Logistic and maintenance costs is possible, thanks to the combination of the unique shaft guided system and the new service optimized sideshift concept.

The encapsulated Shaft Guide Concept combines precision-machined and hard-chromed shafts with encapsulated high-performance bushings. These components allow for up to 1,000 working hours between greasing intervals. Additionally, the system features auto-lubrication to further extend the life of the wear slides, and the encapsulated rollers are greased for life, eliminating the need for maintenance. This design ensures efficient operation with minimal maintenance requirements.