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News > 02/2024

Embrace the Industry 4.0 philosophy with Bolzoni Group Easy-Connect Solutions

Embrace the Industry 4.0 philosophy with Bolzoni Group Easy-Connect Solutions

Companies involved in the world of material handling are increasingly integrating intelligent technologies and automated systems into their processes to match evolving challenges.

Bolzoni Group has developed a bespoke innovative solution range tailored to suit the client’s requirements: Easy-Connect.
The range is based on cutting-edge connectivity which offers a wide range of advanced technologies whilst supplying useful smart logistics solution. The Easy-Connect Product range thanks to advanced sensors, lasers, cameras, embedded software and robotics, meets material handling expectations, especially for companies embracing the Industry 4.0 philosophy.

In addition to the benefits of data collection and analysis through the system, our equipments enable better decision-making, increasing and improving safety and efficiency.

Damage reduction with Bolzoni Easy-FORK Vision System
In case of limited operator visibility, especially when handling pallets on high shelves, Easy- FORK Vision Systems enhance view and safe handling in storage areas. The Easy-FORK Vision System includes a whole range of smart forks equipped with side, tip or front camera with line laser that allow full frontal visibility even with the load on the forks. The Easy-FORK Vision System with front camera and line laser is particularly useful in case of low light environment, as the system integrates on the screen a fix reference, aligned to the forks tip, providing a landmark during the picking up phase.

Intelligent pressure control systems with Bolzoni Easy-Connect Solutions
When it comes to handle white goods that are prone to damage and with a high unit value it is highly recommended to equip the forklift with damage prevention technological solutions.

Among the Easy-Connect solutions the Easy-FORCE-C is a semi-automatic force control system, useful for White goods handling. Through a touch screen the driver selects the handling load category, type and configuration, and the pressure parameters are automatically set into the clamp to generate the correct clamping force. Moreover thanks to the GPS geolocalization and data collection, fleet managers can analyze handling data later, via a dedicated portal.

Designed for home appliance handling with high level of product differentiation, the Easy-MOVE carton clamp is a laser sensor system, with the most advanced technology in sensors and clamping force controlling.
This completely automatic system is driven by an electric micro control, that can detect load dimensions and input the correct clamping pressure through a proportional pressure relief valve. In case of paper roll Easy-Connect technologies help to prevent paper roll out-of-roundness and to grant damage-free valuable paper rolls handling. The Intelligent Paper Roll Clamp CTX G3 with microprocessor control system and sensors, automatically uses optimized, lowest possible clamping force for all handling situations and paper grades.

Easy-Connect Solutions for AGV application
Thanks to the long cooperation with the main player in AGV sector, Bolzoni Group design and produce customized AGV attachments. The Bolzoni AGV range includes both hydraulic and electric-driven attachments, equipped with full set of sensors, as per customer specifications, or with an agreed pre-setting to accept customer’s own sensors and cabling.
Bolzoni can offer different level of solutions:

  • Standard equipment with sensors and cabling pre-set
  • Plug-and-play solutions with complete fitment of sensors and cabling
  • Customized solutions in co-design with AGV producer

Bolzoni fully electric fork positioner: more precise in positioning
Included into the Easy-Connect Range, the fully electric driven fork positioner is fitted with an electric actuator able to precisely position the forks according to the handling load. A full set of sensors installed on the attachment supports the AGV to accomplish the different tasks in the manufacturing and warehousing processes.