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News > 11/2023

Bolzoni Carton Clamps with integrated Intelligent Solutions to optimize handling operations

Bolzoni Carton Clamps with integrated Intelligent Solutions to optimize handling operations

Whether stocking or picking and shipping orders, operations must run at full speed, therefore companies are looking for solutions to carry out handling operations safely while keeping high productivity flows.

To support the logistic chain and in particular the white goods industry sector, Bolzoni Group has developed specific know-how on the appliances and high-volume carton boxes handling procedures.
Today the Bolzoni Group enlarges its carton clamp proposal with a complete range of integrated features including the most advanced technology in hydraulics, electrics and laser sensors for damage prevention and clamping force controlling.

Damage-free carton handling
White goods industry is characterized by particular challenges, all linked to damage-free load handling. Because of their weight, dimension and considerable value, home appliances require specific handling practices, mainly linked to the application of the proper clamping pressure.
Bolzoni is committed in providing certified products and solutions to avoid possible goods damage and is offering a wide range of white goods handling equipment, including intelligent technologies, able to reduce human error.
"Working in direct contact with end users in logistic hubs, I get often approached by operators having difficulties to identify the right clamping pressure, combined to the right load configuration" says Vittorio Lucchini, Bolzoni group White Goods Specialist. "That’s the reason why Bolzoni invests in engineering and patenting new systems, in two main areas: fully automatic pressure control systems and user-friendly devices to select the load pattern."
To enable modern companies to speed up every phase of the working process, obtaining an incredible saving in time and costs, Bolzoni develops intelligent systems able to take autonomous handling decisions.

Easy-FORCE-C Pressure Control System with remote handling data management
Bolzoni Easy-FORCE-C Pressure Control System is specifically designed for big warehousing and logistics industries, where it is required to handle several types of products, optimizing space and time.
Through various levels of selection, on the 7’’ touch screen monitor fitted in the driver cabin, the operator enters the load type and configuration then, with a simple touch of the display, the system automatically set into the clamp the pressure limit to apply the correct clamping force.
This intelligent system saves automatically frequently used configurations to be quickly re-selected by the driver, optimizing handling operation time.
Easy-FORCE-C offers also much more to companies that are looking for data tracking and remote fleet connection. The system enables geolocalization, data tracking, clamp parameters customization and warnings for maintenance schedule management. Data are accessible through a web-server interface, in real time accessible to the fleet manager, and can be stored in a database, with crypted access (https).

Easy-MOVE laser sensor system: the most advanced technology in sensors for clamping force controlling.
For high level of product differentiation applications, the change in clamping force is a key driver for load damage prevention. The Bolzoni Easy-MOVE is a completely automatic system driven by the laser sensor and the electronic micro control, that can detect load dimensions and input the correct clamping pressure through a proportional pressure relief valve.
"As standard, these clamps are ex-factory preset with load and pressure parameters agreed with the customer", says Vittorio Lucchini. "In case the load handling parameters need to be updated, through an easy procedure with a dedicated tablet, supplied by Bolzoni, the end user can recalibrate the pressure levels. Moreover, in case of introduction of new loading schemes, it is possible to adjust opening range, pressure values, calibrate sensors and finally to switch to single pressure manual mode."

ForceBalance System: the correct clamping force distribution
Bolzoni ForceBalance System allows perfect distribution of the clamping force over the pads’ surface thanks to the user-friendly registration of 4 thread screws that can be easily adjusted to make the clamp perfectly suitable for all specific handling configurations.
By adjusting the four screws, positioned in the 4 corners of the arm carrier, the clamp reaches the perfect panel protrusion to match the load handling application.
Besides the completely damage free solution, granted by the force distribution control, this system keeps the arm profile very thin with tapered leading edge of the conventional clamps.

Easy-MEASURE Check-up program
To ensure the durability of the equipment, Bolzoni Group has created a checkup program dedicated to the maintenance of your carton clamps. This new service package provides scheduled and periodic checks to confirm the correct clamp operation, at any time during its life cycle. A specialized Bolzoni technician will carry out the intervention, at your factory, with Easy-MEASURE to check that the clamp force distribution is according to customer’s specifications at the time of initial set-up.
Bolzoni 4 Point clamping force tester based on load cell technology - can measure the single force acting on each point, to calculate the total clamping force developed on the whole pad surface and to detail the exact percentage of force acting on each point.