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News > 12/2023

Forklift trucks maintenance: make it easy and safe with Bolzoni lift tables

Forklift trucks maintenance: make it easy and safe with Bolzoni lift tables

When it comes to seasonal peaks, it is very important to prevent unexpected criticalities related to logistic management or forklifts and pallet trucks sudden breakdown, as this could slow and heavily affect the operation flow. For this reason, companies having forklifts and pallet trucks fleets in perfect condition prevent interruptions in the logistic flow, keep high production efficiency, as well as preserving the fleet value over time.

Bolzoni Group, within the wide range of lift table models and capacities, has designed a model specific for forklift truck maintenance.

Lift tables are used as ergonomic working stations for lifting and lowering loads at required heights in safe conditions for the operator. Used in feeding of processing machinery (in wood, plastic, glass, steel, ceramic) the scissor lift tables are often used in conveyor and packaging systems. The lift tables are often applied in airports, to load and unload pallets for aircrafts, luggage, and even vehicles. The lift table can solve many logistic problems and be used as a loading bay.
Main components are the top platform, the lower frame, the scissor system activated by one or more cylinders. Scissor lift tables have become a commonly used type of equipment in many different industries. Lift tables are used as connection between different stages and represent the best solution for the manual load handling, in full observance of the European standards with regards to functioning, cost saving, safety and health of operators during work.

Bolzoni lift table models 1A – LS: great efficiency in forklift truck maintenance.
When it comes to forklift truck dealers with rental truck fleets, vehicle maintenance is one of the basic tasks. During the maintenance of forklift trucks, the access is complex and often physically painful for the operators. This lift table model is specially designed to optimize the process of maintenance of forklifts and to provide an optimum ergonomic workstation to improve the working conditions of the operator. Therefore, it represents an investment to provide efficiency and productivity for maintenance and assembly of forklift trucks.
For this purpose, the special U-shaped top makes it easy to carry out activities in the correct position. On the other hand, the lift table allows to lower and raise the truck to a certain height to let operators work in the most comfortable way, increasing efficiency and productivity.
“One of the most appreciated features of this lift model is the obstacle absence once lowered.” says Paolo Marenghi, Bolzoni SpA Italy Sales Manager. “This lift table optimizes space even in small workshops, keeping a high safety environment.”

Designed to guarantee maximum safety
With the flaps on the front side and safety wheels rear stop system Bolzoni lift table allows the operator to position the forklift and elevate the table in full safety. The rackwork lock system ensures safe stopping of the descent, in case of contact with obstructions the aluminium safety bar stops the descent of the platform. Moreover, the table is equipped with a safety check valve to stop the lift table lowering in the unlikely event of a hose break.

Bolzoni Group is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of scissor lift tables
Bolzoni lift tables are manufactured in the Italian plant of Podenzano, in a dedicated area of 5.000 sqm, and guaranteed for 12 months after delivery, accompanied by the relative declarations of conformity according to European standards.
With a long experience of almost 75 years in the production of forklift truck attachments, forks and other lifting systems, Bolzoni Group can offer customized projects, adapting the necessary technical and installation characteristics depending on material handling specific requirements.

Bolzoni Green Line: the ecofriendly alternative Bolzoni promotes research and innovation to produce sustainable equipments. For a lower impact on the environment, Bolzoni lift tables are available, on request, with biodegradable hydraulic oil and are all equipped with high efficiency IE3 electric motors. Lifting platforms are painted with water-based, solvent-free non-toxic paint. Bolzoni Spa is certified with the Environmental Certificate ISO 14001: 2015, since 2006.

Wide range of accessories to meet the safety requirements for lift tables
The wide range of lift tables and options represents the optimal solution to many vertical handling requirements. Thanks to our experience, we are able to suggest and provide customized solutions.