That’s the reason why we support the growth of the small, medium and large companies, handling their products in Italy, in Europe and World wide. We have been doing it for 70 years and will continue to do it in the future.

In order to share with you the most important facts of this long journey which brought us to become the European leader and the second group World wide, we collected logos, pictures and historical accounts on our Company, from it’s origins to nowadays. We wish you a pleasant surf!

Our History

The origins of the Group’s activity date back to 1945, when the brothers Luigi and Livio Bolzoni, began converting abandoned jeeps, left behind by the American Army, into agriculture machines. The two brothers soon focused their activity on the building field, designing a system for the transportation of bricks, developing more and more solutions for the general material handling.

The core business of the Company become the fork lift truck attachments.

In 1972 the Company business structure turns into limited company (Ltd).

In 1975 BOLZONI opened its first commercial branch abroad, Bolzoni France, with headquarters in Chartres. Meanwhile the first detached production site was established in Bisceglie (province of Bari), Oleodinamica Pugliese S.r.l., which was incorporated into Bolzoni in 1987.

In 1987 the merge with the Italian company Teko S.r.l., lifting tables and hand pallet truck manufacturer, widens its product range.
Meanwhile the international development of the Group continued: in 1987 a commercial branch was opened in the United Kingdom and in 1989 the Group inaugurated a commercial branch in North Carolina (United States of America) moving it to Chicago (Illinois, United States of America) the following year where a production line for the US market was established.

In 1991 BOLZONI acquired a branch of the business of the Spanish company ELMAN SA, active in the production of lift truck attachments and holding a significant share of the Spanish market.

In 2001, Banca Intesa acquired 30% of BOLZONI shares.
In the same year, BOLZONI acquired the Finnish Group Auramo, with headquarters in Vantaa (Helsinki – Finland), founded in 1947 by Mr Hannu Auramo.
The Auramo Group was specialized in the production of forest and paper industry attachments.Thanks to this acquisition, the BOLZONI Group began the commercialization of a wide range of paper roll clamps, bale clamps and other specialized handling attachments, becoming the worldwide recognized paper handling specialist.

In 2002, the acquisition of the American Brudi production lines and brand name, specialized in palletless handling attachments, significantly increased the BOLZONI Group visibility in the North-American market.

In 2003, the Group acquired the Company Saco Transportmaschinen GmbH, main German distributor of Bolzoni products.

Within the context of the Group’s industrial development, in 2004 the Company extended the main production site located in Podenzano (Piacenza, Italy).
In the same year, a branch was opened in Shanghai for manufacturing and distributing of lift trucks attachments for the Chinese market, as a joint-venture with the Chinese company Tiger Technology di Hong Kong, which was already distributor of Bolzoni Auramo products.

In June 2006 Bolzoni is listed in the Star segment of the Milan Stock Exchange.
In October of the same year, BOLZONI acquired Meyer, historical Group in lift truck attachment industry, founded in 1953 by Hans H.Meyer.
The Meyer Group was second German manufacturer and fourth worldwide of lift truck attachments, including rotating carriages, fork positioners, clamps and, in particular, the highly successful and greatly appreciated multiple pallet handler range. BOLZONI becomes German leader and increases its market share worldwide.

In 2007 Bolzoni opened in Podenzano, Piacenza, Italy, an innovative and highly automated production plant dedicated to lift truck forks and material handling attachments.

In 2012 and in 2013 Bolzoni furtherly reinforced its position on the Chinese market and in the Asian and Pacific areas, by opening two more production plants: one dedicated to the fork production and the other to forklift attachments and side shifters.

Since its foundation, BOLZONI has been continuously growing, becoming a valuable and reliable partner in several material handling fields, such as paper and pulp, wood and recycling materials handling, metal, food and beverage, fishery, pharmaceutical, logistic and material handling in general.

During the years, the BOLZONI Group has developed optimization processes regarding management and production and strengthening its commercial network.

Today the Bolzoni Group has production plants located in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China. BOLZONI is present globally thanks to its wide network of direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents.

The Logo

The Images

The Expo

In occasion of the seventy years of activity, BOLZONI will have the honour to show at Expo Milan 2015 its advanced solutions for the food industry handling.

Expo 2015 is the Universal Exhibition held in Milan from the 1st of May to the 31st of October 2015.

Milan becomes the global showcase where more than 140 participating Countries will show their best technology. Internation Organizations will promote their projects on the Expo theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

The aim is to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the Planet and its equilibrium. Expo expects to welcome over 20 million visitors offering Italy and its companies a great visibility opportunity.

From the 21st to the 27th of September 2015, Bolzoni SpA will have the pleasure to exhibit on a previledged area, near Palazzo Italia. Placed on the Decumano way, the Piacenza Square pavillon will introduce the Piacenza traditions, the wine and food excellences and some of the most important companies historycally based on the Piacenza territory.

The BOLZONI team will be glad to welcome visitors and customers to show products and specific solutions for the food industry handling.